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Case Management

Assists with service coordination; works with persona centered team to develop plans and explore services to meet participant’s needs. A Case Manager works to ensure that all participant service needs are met. That each participant and his or her family are educated to choice and waiver services.

Occupational Therapy

Self-care, and work activities to increase independence.

Community Access

Supports to increase independence in the community.

Community Guide Services

Community Guide services are provided to participants who receive the SCL waiver, and have chosen to utilize Participant Directed Services Case Management. The Community Guide assists the Case Manager in coordination, training and ensures service delivery of all services as outlined on the individual support plan.

Speech Therapy

Increase skills of communication to aid in increased independence.

Behavior Support

Development and implementation of replacement skills to promote socially acceptable behaviors. Behavior support works directly with participants, families and support teams to develop replacement skills for challenging behaviors. Behavior Support assist participants in being an active part of his or her community.

Person Centered Coaches

Works directly with case manager and behavior specialist to assist in implementation of person centered plans.

Personal Assistance

Service provided to individuals who receive the MPW. This service is designed to assist individuals with independence and functions of daily living.

Community Living Support

This service is provided to individuals of the MPW waiver. This service focuses on providing direct assistance to individuals who live in their own home or with their families. This service assists with home making skills, personal care skills and personal independence.